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Welcome to Mad Wizard Tutoring! Meet your friendly mad wizard tutor, Dr. Jill Bartholomew...

Hello! Happy summer everyone! Thanks for stopping in and checking out my website. My name is Dr. Jill Bartholomew, and I am the founder and owner of Mad Wizard Tutoring. I started my business in August of 2020 because I saw a great need to help as many families as I could who were struggling with school and COVID-19. I believe in the value of personalizing education for our children whether they are in third grade, seniors in high school, or master's degree candidates.

We're learning more every day about multiple intelligences. Current research has identified at least 8 to 9 different kinds of learners (Gardner, 2011), and our current educational system is not geared to cater to this many different types of learners much less pluralizing different learning styles. That's where I can make a difference. So many of my students start feeling like they are not smart enough, lost, indifferent, or downright hostile to school. Schooling shouldn't be a horrible thing, and yet it is. As a certified, professional tutor, I get to 1) Be a cheerleader. This is my favorite part as I get to know my students as individuals and help them discover a love of learning. 2) Be a mentor. As I build strong relationships with my students, I help them identify their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses and try to find the best way their brain wants to learn. 3) Be a partner. Success only happens here if I am building a partnership with parents and teachers. Call us a community, but we are all here to support our students. We all want our kiddos to succeed and have a lifelong love of learning. Sadly, I'm not a real magician, and I can't do miracles, but with parent and school support, we can do wonders together for your student.